Biosphere Reserves of India

May 9, 2023

Biosphere reserves are areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems that are recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having exceptional ecological value and significance. These areas are meant to promote sustainable development while conserving biological diversity and cultural heritage. Here are 18 Biosphere Reserves of India.
Biosphere reserves are designated to fulfill three interconnected functions: conservation, development, and logistic support.

NameYearStateArea (Sq km)
Nilgiri Biosphere reserve1986Tamil Nadu Kerala and Karnataka5620
Nanda Devi National Park and Biosphere reserve1988UttaraKhand5860
Gulf Of Mannar1989Tamil Nadu10500
Sunderbans1989West Bengal9630
Great Nicobar Biosphere reserve1989Andaman and Nicobar Islands885
Dibru Saikhowa1997Assam765
Dihang Dibang1998Arunachal Pradesh5112
Pachmarhi1999Madhya Pradesh4981.72
Agasthyamalai reserve2001Kerala , Tamil Nadu1828
Achanakamar Amarkantak2005Madhya Pradesh , Chhattisgarh3835
Great Rann of Kachchh2008Gujarat12454
Cold desert2009Himachal Pradesh 7770
Seshachalam hills 2010Karnataka4755
Panna2011Madhya Pradesh543
Biosphere Reserves in India

Biosphere reserves are typically divided into three zones: a core area, a buffer zone, and a transition area. The core area is a highly protected zone where no human activity is allowed, except for scientific research and monitoring. The buffer zone is an area surrounding the core zone where limited human activity is allowed, such as ecotourism and sustainable agriculture. The transition area is the outermost zone where human settlements and economic activities are concentrated.
Biosphere reserves in India are not only important for biodiversity conservation but also play a crucial role in providing livelihoods for local communities and promoting sustainable development in the region. The Indian government, along with various organizations, is committed to protecting these areas and ensuring their long-term sustainability.